Midnight Sun Run

Midnight Sun Run

The Midnight Sun Run takes place in Tromsø which is above the polar circle around the summer solstice. What makes it special is that it starts late at night and you finish around midnight when the sun is still visible which is why it’s the Midnight Sun Run.

First, I had to get to Tromsø which turned out to be quite difficult. I had a layover in Oslo where I found out that my flight was just outright canceled. And not all flights to Tromsø was canceled, just that one! So they put me in a hotel for the night and flew me out there the next day with a layover in a tiny airport on the way. Having finally reached Tromsø I went to check out the city and pick up race numbers. The city tiny but there’s some cool stuff around to check out. But I didn’t have much time and went back to rest (and cheer on Denmark playing a world cup game) and then got ready for the race!

Race information


  • Finish – Completed



  • 21.1K – 02:07:46


No training as I was just recovering from a grueling run of races.


My canceled flight meant that I was a bit rushed on race day to reach Tromsø and then prepare. I grabbed some dinner and then went back to rest. Luckily the city is small so I wasn’t staying too far from the race start.


I felt really good from the start. The weather was cool and cloudy so in light of this, I could go a bit faster than I would have normally. It was unfortunately also a bit wet on the ground but the weather really suited me.

After about 5K we hit the coastline which meant a lot of wind. Luckily it was tailwind but when we reached the airport and started to run back, it was all headwind from that point. The race course itself was very flat so it was only really the wind that was an obstacle.

I still felt great in the end so for the last few kilometers I ran significantly faster than normal and finished in a great time.


I spent quite a bit of time picking up my race clothing and then warmed up after the race and then went back to my Airbnb where I tried to fall asleep despite the light outside. Luckily I was too tired to be annoyed by the brightness outside and quickly fell asleep.

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