Royal Run

The Crown Prince of Denmark is turning 50 and so he wanted to celebrate with getting people to move. This culminated in races in five of Denmark’s biggest cities.

Race information


  • Finish – Completed
  • Finish under 1 hour – Completed



  • 5K – 00:30:25
  • 10K – 00:58:58


As I seem to run for medals at the moment, I had of course also signed up for a 10K the day after my Manchester Half Marathon. This one I couldn’t miss however as it was a special race arranged due to the Danish Crown Prince turning 50 years old. As usual, my training consisted of running races.


This race was in the evening so I spent the day relaxing and recovering as much as possible. I biked to the start an hour before and took an energy gel 30 minutes before and one just before starting.


I set a pace at 6:00 mins/km to get a sub 1 hour time. The streets of Copenhagen were definitely not expecting that many people as there was a lot of places where the streets were too narrow for all the runners. I did manage to keep pace and if I didn’t, I thought I had a pretty good reason to not keep pace. The weather was cooling down and the sun was not as strong as when I ran the marathon two weeks earlier so it was quite a pleasant run. One problem I had was that everyone was running with the same distributed shirt so that gets really boring after a while. But given that I had just run a marathon and a half marathon before this race, the distance just flew past and I actually felt that it went by quickly. I must have become used to long distances!

The finish was nice as I saw my friend on the sidelines as well becoming the children’s favorite as my name in Danish literally means “you”. So I could hear them chanting my name as I made my sprint toward the finish line to finish under 1 hour.


The finish area was packed with people and it took a while before I could get a medal and something to eat. I biked home afterward and ate some ice cream as that was the only thing food I had and the stores and restaurants were closed because of a public holiday.

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